Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia)

A Meca for backpackers, Southeast Asia is an impressive destination. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy parties, temples, local foods, nature, culture, history, diving, Asia also can be your place. You can find everything you want, and even better find yourself.

Angkor Wat - Siem Reap Cambodia
Josadaik at Angkor Wat

You can easily spend 6 months travelling for Southeast Asia or much more. Unfortunately we had to reduce our travel itinerary for just a few weeks among Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia.

In the next few weeks I’ll share 3 posts with Continue reading “Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia)”


Expedition State Park of Jalapão :: Tocantins – Brazil

Jalapão Tocantins - Brazil
Jalapão Tocantins – Brazil

Looking further than the obvious travel destinations, I decided to explore the State Park of Jalapão. Located at Brazilian State Tocantins, the place was scenery of American Reality Show Survivor Tocantins at 2008 – CBS. In this post you going to discovery more about this exotic place.  Continue reading “Expedition State Park of Jalapão :: Tocantins – Brazil”

Get your panic out of the closed – Panic Disorder

Panic Attack
The Scream – Edvard Munch 1893

Dear readers,

It’s hard to talk about panic disorder even using my mother tongue (portuguese), anyway I’m here to tell you more about. I hardly ever have patience to have a conversation with who never felt this. I also never wrote about a so particular problem before.

People usually don’t understand your concerns and are supposed to judge you as crazy, lying of just being scenic. I also must to confess once I was otherside. I didn’t believe something like that should happen with me one day.

Unfortunately It isn’t hard to talk only due prejudgment, It is hard because is confused to explain the sensation. You feel short of Continue reading “Get your panic out of the closed – Panic Disorder”

Buenos Aires, Argentina – An European Latin American City

La Boca
Caminito – Buenos Aires

Known for architecture and european style, Buenos Aires is one of the most important south american tourist destinations. Last weekend I could to know a little bit more about this superb city. It was just 2 days and 3 nights but it was enough for so many experiences, most surprises than I was expecting (positives and negatives, unfortunately).

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A week at Fernando de Noronha: informations, tips and prices.

Fernando de Noronha - Brazil
Morro Dois Irmãos – Fernando de Noronha

An ecologic sanctuary with desert beaches and a rich marine fauna. If you like nature, surf, want to dive in one of the best diving destinations or just want to rest, Fernando de Noronha is a required brazilian destination. Continue reading “A week at Fernando de Noronha: informations, tips and prices.”

Why aquariums and zoos?

wildlife jailed
wildlife jailed photo by Romain Bochet

All around the world exists innumerable zoos and aquariums with wild animals only to entertaiment of people. Unfortunately the most part these animals are suffering caged and far of their natural habitat. Is not rare to find stories about these poor lives forced to live human harassment.

Some these animals came from Continue reading “Why aquariums and zoos?”

Josadoc – A documentary made in Peru

Documentary Peru
Documentary Peru

I had some content in my memory card, so I resolved compile and create a little video as documentary, containing some situations encountered in my last trip. This is not a educational video, just displaying a little what happend with me, discovering Peru, their people, story and problems found during my trip.

On way I found some dificulties as the day I didn’t find my transfer :'(, when my agency forgot me again at Puno, a lost flight, hailstorm, a credicard lost (…) Continue reading “Josadoc – A documentary made in Peru”