When was the last time you did something for the first time?

simple stuffs Write about the values we give to things may appear an obvious reflexion, anyway I going to share my feelings about this theme. As I already told once for here, I was born in a little city from state of Minas Gerais. My hometown stays around 8 hours from nearer airport. I was younger when I saw the piped water, phone signal and internet to arrive there. I don’t want being dramatic, I just have pride where I came from. For each one of these little things I could to write a lot about.

I never forgot my first flight, I didn’t had yet oportunity to travel by airplane. I earned a concurse the best stories of digital inclusion promote by GESAC. This story began at 2006, I had 15 or 14 years old and started to work as voluntary in a digital inclusion project from state of Minas Gerais called Cidadão.NET. For a long time our community lived disconnect of digital world. In resume in this project I had an opportunity to know a lot of lives that was changed through that project.

For ilustrate the story I solve spelling story about life of a very intelligent person called Naildima Ferreira that can’t to study because she has an family and was hard to live so far of one university, to work and care of your family the same time. I found this concurse by friend that send us an notice about. The result: story from my city was one of the winners. Oh Gosh! I didn’t belive the story was one of  the selected. I would fly for the first time, afraid? perhaps but I was more excited than afraid. For a lot of people to fly was just a means transportion but to me that flight was being more than a trip, would be a inedited experience.

After back that trip I started to work with more passion even. My job was just to teach the people stuff as what is a mouse and show for they the way to turn on computers. The most part of population didn’t have opportunity to see or use a computer before. Was amazing look bright in the eyes of someone that was writing her name on the keyboard for the first time.

I hate read or write phrases starting with “never”. For me is very cliche to start a thought or advice with “never”, but I believe “We never going to give the values that stuff we  if these stuff were not a conquist for us“. PS: The story sent to this concurse was of a sister of a friend mine. Unfortunately she dead last year, but thanks of Good I could know her and participate of this and others stories from my city.

And about the stones this post? This is other story that I solve put in other post with a continuation about this theme.


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