A short, but simply an amazing trip – gluglu project

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Peru – South America (more a dream realized)

Would be more a short trip, but was an amazing experience. Last week I wrote about feelings when we does something for the first time. This time I had an amazing experience to share here again. The last time I feel this has been around 5 months ago when I jumped parachute. I don’t know how I can explain using simple words, in english is harder to me, anyway I going to try. When I close my eyes I can live the experience again, and again. It’s nice the sensation when we lived something and this kepts in our spirit.

About Gluglu Project – : )

Here at Brazil we knows “Peru” as a kind of bird or dick – hauhauhuahau, yep – so if someone ask show peru to you, you are supposed to run way this people. It’s hard find someone doens’t laught when you talk you want to visit Peru – hauahau. Bellow a video of a Brazilian Peru. PS: I think I don’t need publisher here a video with the other means – hauahau

Now truly start my post – hauahu

A long time ago I already would like to know a little bit more Latin America, I already visited Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and now Peru. This time we (brazilians) had an excelent holiday from friday to monday, due some national holidays we got 4 days \o/ \o/ \o/ thanks of Good, thanks members’ academy, thanks “Tiradentes”, Thanks Jesus – hsuahushuahsuah. An opportunity to travel like this is hard to find, so I got it and solved discovery a little bit more about Peru. I had only 4 days on trip and didn’t have time to rest or much money so I solved visit only Peru. One of the best backpackers’ dreams is to know Peru main The Lost City Machu Picchu. If you are travelling for there you are supposed to explore their millenary story and visit the more traditional places as ruines of Inca civilization and museums.

Oh wait, first surprise

A few days before my trip I discovered my flight was altered and I had go to Lima at 17 march, for me wasn’t a problem – hehehe.

April 17, 2014 – Lima PE (1st day)

Around the 10 am local time I arrived at Peru, I got a tranfer and has been to “Novo Hotel” leave my stuff and I needed change my money for to use at Cusco and Aguas Calientes. I solved walk alone around the city for to know more by myself ^^. I was surprised due orgazination. The place I was hosted (“Novo Hotel”, Miraflores – Lima). Everywhere was clean and beatiful. The unique constrast I found was old cars for an modern city. I walked a lot but I didn’t find a cambio exchange due “Jueves Santa” (is a catholic holiday). At Brazil we also have a saint holiday but its just at friday. After walk a little bit more I finally found a place to change my money, wasn’t a cambio exchange, actually I changed with a person autorized in the middle of the street. Afraid? of course reader, I’m not rich to lost my money like that, but to live already is a risk – hauahau – so lets go. I changed my money and started spend buying stuff for the Inka Market.

Oh gosh money changed ends, but I discovered that is a security way to change money because everybody accepted. There I was changing more money again – heuhauhauha. After this I started looking for pacific ocean ^^ I went to know the Miraflores Market that stays at top of pacific ocean. The place is really beatiful, but I don’t advice you to buy anything there because at Inka Market everything is cheaper, but worth visit, to eat something and of course to see the pacific ocean.

I was tired, needed just go back to hotel and rest to find good somewhere go out tonight. Talking with local people and searching at internet I arrive at Sargiento Pimenta. That night had DJs mixing traditional music Inka with eletronic music. It was crazy, the result you can see in this video below. PS: If you don’t like hard drink, you don’t need to experiment pisco.

April 18, 2014 – Cuzco (2nd day) :: Explorying Cuzco and… Soroche Oh Gosh!

Last night I sleept around 35 minuts, Sargiento Pimenta was great. Gonna be impossible take photos without sunglass today – rs.

Plaza de las Armas Cuzco PE
Plaza de las Armas Cuzco PE

Arriving at Cuzco I solved to explore the city by foot, I found other backpacker, we just leave our stuff there and went to explore Cuzco. I already closed my tour package from Brazil but I needed to buy the tourist ticket and Thaisa her tours. First leasson learned: Is cheaper to buy tours at Cuzco as Maras Moray, Salineiras, City tour (…)

PS: For you come in at museums and a lot of sites you need to buy this ticket, if you are a student cust S 70, if you don’t have international student card as me 😥 you must to page S 130, but if you don’t want go to all 16 places ticket entitles.

Tourist Ticket Cuzco
Tourist Ticket Cuzco

You also should to pay tickets for each place. My recommendation is to buy the complet touristic ticket. Soroche: After our tour and lunched at market I was feeling tired, I taked a nap and when I wake up my head wasn’t paining but was weight, existed a pression in my head, I throw up everything I did eat during day :'(. I tried drink a tea but wasn’t work, I throw up once. Force Marques, you can’t stay sick. I taked a bath and went to a restaurant to try eat something. Didn’t work again, I needed go out of restaurant because the smell was getting nauseate. Finally a pharmacy attend help me and give me some drugs, in the next day I wake up feelling better.

April 19, 2014 – Cuzco (3rd day) Chinchero, Maras, Moray and Salineiras

Before arrive the first tour we stoped at Chichero, Oh Gosh, we was received by a craftsman group singing for us. I almost cry 😥 it was so beatiful. They show us a little bit more about their daily and techniques as use of natural dyes.

Hot Tip: If you want to buy handicraft of high quality this is one of these places. The ruines of Inca Civilizations keeps being an extraordinary place to visit.   The Moray site was used as a Inca lab. It was possible to study the temperature behavior of experimental agriculture.

Tonight we went a restaurant.

April 20, 2014 – (4th day) Sacred Valley and get train to Águas Calientes

08 AM Pariwana Hostel Nobody expecting for me to take me my tour of day :'(. Finally after call my agency I discovered my bus already gone, Dam!@$#!@! Fortunately they take me by taxi to the first stop where my group was expecting for me. It’s not possible continue angry and furious when you arrive an place and see “las llamas” – so cute ^^

Next Stop Pisac

train to aguas calientes

April 21, 2014 – (5th day)

The day started too early, everybody had the same idea get up early to see the sunrise at Machu Micchu. Due weather had a lot of fog, was wonderful.

Huayna Picchu. The number of visitors is controled. Just 400 people per day can visit the Huayna Picchy mountain. If you want to do this tour you must a reservation a few months. At top there isn’t burger king or vendor of water hauhauhauhau, so you need take something to eat and drink.

Moon Cave From top of Huayna Picchu to Moon Cave the information is “2h walking to arrive at Moon Cave” but I got using 37 minuts 😀

April 22, 2014 – (6th and last day), oh wait I loose my flight

I rent a horse (uno cavalito muy hermoso) to visit places near from cusco mainly places of my complete tourist ticket that I didn’t use neither middle – hauahau.

April 23, 2014 – (7th day) Puno/Titicaca Lake

The Titicaca Lake stays at 3800 meters of altitude, is higher navegable lake of the world. A part belongs to the Peru and other Bolivia. One of the most interesting Islands is the floating Island. We have a lot to learn with them, although lives hard conditions they uses alternative energy source and cares their enviroment very well.

April 24, 2014 – (8th backing to home)

After 8 hours from Puno I arrived at Cuzco at 05 AM. My backpackers was at Pariwana Hostel, but there wasn’t beds available. It was fucking cold if I didn’t find a warm place to sleep I would be gets sick. I did only S 10 in my wallet, but no problem because I had my credit card yet. After a good night resting in the morning “where is my credit card?” Dam$#@!4! I tried find, but I didn’t sucess. Fortunately inside my backpackers I did save some money \o/.

The End

Of course the Lost City Machu Picchu was unforgettable, however the most outstanding to me was the surprises and feellings discovered. In final of story wasn’t a short of 4 days, neither just a trip more, but truly was a fucking awesome experience. America Latina me gusta! Come the next trip!


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