Josadoc – A documentary made in Peru

Documentary Peru
Documentary Peru

I had some content in my memory card, so I resolved compile and create a little video as documentary, containing some situations encountered in my last trip. This is not a educational video, just displaying a little what happend with me, discovering Peru, their people, story and problems found during my trip.

On way I found some dificulties as the day I didn’t find my transfer :'(, when my agency forgot me again at Puno, a lost flight, hailstorm, a credicard lost (…)

BTW everything is part of the journey, was an unbelievable experience. I could to know a little bit more about Peru as Cities Lima, Cuzco, Chinchero, Moray, Maras, Salineiras, Sacred Valley, Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu and Puno. I visited really amazing places as Floating Islands of Titicaca Lake, Huyana Picchu Mountain, Craftsman Cooperative Chinchero, Sites Qenqo, Sacsayhuamán (en quechua Saqsaywaman), Markets, Pisac Site, Templo de la Luna and more : )

Just more a observation: this video don’t contains sex or violence, but contains very dirty word – ahuahau, so if you don’t like don’t play. I added legends but just to understand what was happening, is not a complete or revised legend.

Enjoy the video.

PS: It’s at HD, we can change settings to see better quality.


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