Why aquariums and zoos?

wildlife jailed
wildlife jailed photo by Romain Bochet

All around the world exists innumerable zoos and aquariums with wild animals only to entertaiment of people. Unfortunately the most part these animals are suffering caged and far of their natural habitat. Is not rare to find stories about these poor lives forced to live human harassment.

Some these animals came from circus, traffic, illegal creators, victims of fires or acidents caused by humans. It wasn’t tranferred to ecological sanctuaries and now are living with visitants. Wild animals were not born to live with people, due hard conditions the consequences are stress and violence, the most these ends dying.

The problem of throw wild animals to our enviroment also cause environmental imbalance. As a diver and enthusiastic of natural sanctuaries I don’t agree with aquariums and zoos. There are a lot of good reasons don’t to watch shows that use animals. If you want to know about the animals you should read about, to watch documentaries, visit ecologic programs as organizations and sanctuaries.

Instead  zoos and aquariums, ecological sanctuaries and rehab animal projects and remember when you are visiting seabed: Do not take anything more than photographs, leave nothing but footprints! Bring your trash and treat it properly.


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