A week at Fernando de Noronha: informations, tips and prices.

Fernando de Noronha - Brazil
Morro Dois Irmãos – Fernando de Noronha

An ecologic sanctuary with desert beaches and a rich marine fauna. If you like nature, surf, want to dive in one of the best diving destinations or just want to rest, Fernando de Noronha is a required brazilian destination.

Day by day

1st day

After 3 flights in 12 hours we finally arrived at Fernando de Noronha. Praia do Cachorro was our first destination due short distance from our hotel.

Water wasn’t hot but this beach also have a good visibility to snorkelling, if you don’t care about water around 24 degrees you also can take a bath there.

2nd day – first dives at island and visit the most beautiful beach of the world

Our week was starting, at 07am we were ready go to Port. Is important to arrive there early because diving points are choosed by IBAMA for number visitors and arrival order. The diving points were “Cagarras Rasas” and “Ilha do Meio”.

Fernando de Noronha has the most beautiful beach around the world according tripadvisor. If you are going to visit the Island, you are supposed to visit this beach called Baia do Sancho Beach, it’s a really stunning paradise view. The acess is hard through a stair between rocks. Couldn’t be different in the first afternoon, we visit this wonder \o/

Baía do Sancho - Fernando de Noronha
The most beautiful beach of the world (trip advisor)

Water is hot and is a perfect place to practice snorkelling, you are supposed to find shoals, tortoise, crabs, birds ^^. You feel as you were the only visitor, I saw just a couple people there. Worth to stay all day there, my recommendation is to bring meals and please take care your garbage :D.

3rd day – wake up early again but it was worth it!

We visited one of the main diving points of Island: Sapata’s cave and “Laje Dois Irmãos”. Visibility was excellent as water temperature.

In the afternoon we visited Praia do Leão and Praia do Sueste. Near from there we also visited “Mirante Caracas”

Praia do Leão - Fernando de Noronha
Parque Nacional Marinho Fernando de Noronha

The beach is the choosed by tortoise to put their depawning. The season is from january until june. In a part of the beach there are a lot of stones but of otherside the water is better to take a bath (hot and clear).

4th day – More dives, Cacimba do Padre Beach and Baía dos Porcos

As we knew our main diving point at previews day we decided wake up 15 min later 🙂 we got the diving points were “Cordilheiras” and caves of “Ilha do Meio”. These also are pretty good points.

Morro dois irmãos
Morro Dois Irmãos – Fernando de Noronha

When you are visiting Baía do Sancho Belvedere you also may visit Baía dos Porcos Belvedere, but if you want to visit Baía dos Porcos Beach the access is through Cacimba do Padre Beach.

5th day –

The diving points were “Laje dos Cabos” and caves of “Ilha do Meio tradicional”.

The Boldró beach is the favorite of surfers at summer, during other seasons tourists are supposed to apreciate their blue and clear water to practice snorkelling there.

End of day…

sunset - Forte
sunset – Forte

From Forte Nossa Senhora dos Remédios is possible to apreciate this superb postcard, worth it go to there to watch the sunset.

6th day – Tamar project

The diving points were “Cagarras fundas” and  “Cabritos”.

Tamar project was at Port Beach and we watched the intentional capture to follow growth of tortoises. Some these tortoises followed already was find at Africa even. During all year this project does an awesome preservation job. Everyday has talks about marine species at headquarters project, there is a theme differente for each day of week.

Near from Port Beach you also can visit the shark museum and “Buraco da Raquel”. There are a Belvedere where you can see the outer sea.

7th day – Atalaia Trail

There are two trails options: short and long trail. In both visitors number is controlled, you also need a guide. We scheduled visitation a week before, it’s hard find a schedule. During trail you can to practice snorkelling in natural pools.

Atalaia Beach - Fernando de Noronha
Atalaia Beach

During the journey you can see close native vegetagion and to know geologic storie of rocks and the beautiful landscapes of “outer sea” (outer sea is a part of ocean bathes the island isn’t from continent side).

The most part of marine fauna found there was babies ^^ sharks, shoal, moray fish, crab species and others. You may see this and more just using your mask and snorkell.

PS: You are not allowed to use fins or sunscreen lotion, these animals are fragile and this products damage habitat puppies. The use of vest is obrigatory to pretect corals.

The landscape composition is spectacular, a blue ocean and high cliffs.

8th day

There is a wreck ship at “Porto Santo Antônio”. Unfortunatelly I wasn’t carrying a subaquatic camera, but you can see the wreck using your mask and snorkell, the point stays around 100 meter from beach costs of Porto de Santo Antônio.

Price play 😮

The first thing I though before reservation was “oh gosh, expensive too much. Is cheaper go to Paris than go to Fernando de Noronha”. Studying a little bit more about the Island, I discovered it has their own charms and some reasons could to try explain their high rates.

  • At september and october are the best months to dive there, the visibility stays around 50 meters, amazing! As I’m a enthusiastic diver I couldn’t forget this oportunity.
  • The number of visitors is controlled, should seems boring but is necessary. The Island is short and can’t attend big demmand.
  • There are a good work of environmental preservation in the island
  • You should get ticket flight lower season but you are supposed to find a bad visibility in your dive.
  • There are two airlines that fly to Fernando de Noronha.
  • Everything comes from continent and this has a costs of course.

Is hard run away of expensive rates when we have these combinations. A classic advice is don’t compare experiences, each one is a unique, but in these case when you want to travel a lot and don’t have so many time unfortunately you

Final budget for 7 days at Fernando de Noronha Island:

Rate of environmental preservation is obrigatory for tourists and costs BRL 48,20 for day at island. In seven days you spend BRL 298,84. You should page online althrough this site and prevent queues on arrival.

Touristic ticket costs BRL 150,00 for non-brazilian 75,00 for brazilians. If you have 60 years old or less than 12 age you are isent. You also could page rate online althrought this site. This touristic ticket allows you visit trails and beaches.

The dives also aren’t cheapers comparing with other destinations. Costs around BRL 350,00 to certificates divers (includes 2 scubas). You also must rent equipment:

Vest                          BRL 40,00 per day

Regulator                  BRL 40,00 per day

Neoprene clothes     BRL 31,00 per day

Mask and Fin            BRL 16,00 per day

Fernando de Noronha has 22 diving points.The discovery for non divers costs BRL 350,00. There are 3 agencies at Island Atlantis Divers, Águas Claras and Noronha Divers.

Together your diving agency usually has a professional subaquatic photographer, the result is better of course, but each photo costs BRL 30,00. You may to buy only photos did you like, anyway is expensive for me, during 5 days and 10 dives I bought just 16 photos. You also may rent a subaquatic camera there. Prices are from BRL 60,00 until BRL 90,00 per day (pics of snorkelling at day of Atalaia Trail used one of these camera).

Meals: Breakfast usually is included at hotels, I spend around BRL 100,00 per night with dinner and around BRL 45,00 with lunch.

Transportation: A buggy costs BRL 240,00 per day, isn’t included nafta BRL 4,79 per liter, you also can rent a bycicle, I don’t recommend public means transportation, you are supposed to wast hours waiting for a bus.

I hosted at Pousada Monsieur Rocha, like the most part of island is a familiar inn. Is not a caribbean resort but in terms of localization and costs is good comparing with other options of Island. At september a double room for a week costs around BRL 2300,00. Prices can arrive until BRL 27216,00 per week for a premium place as pousada maravilha in a higher season as reveillon.


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  1. Great Post Josa!!
    The photos are very good and your information is very clear. I’m feel excited to visit Noronha and will prepare me. Thanks Man!

    Congratulations for your site.

  2. Que bom ver e acompanhar o sucesso de pessoas como você. Acredite sempre o seu potencial. Boa sorte…Sua professora que talvez você nem se lembre mais mas que te acompanha em suas aventuras pela net…

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