Buenos Aires, Argentina – An European Latin American City

La Boca
Caminito – Buenos Aires

Known for architecture and european style, Buenos Aires is one of the most important south american tourist destinations. Last weekend I could to know a little bit more about this superb city. It was just 2 days and 3 nights but it was enough for so many experiences, most surprises than I was expecting (positives and negatives, unfortunately).

The flight from Porto Alegre, Brazil to Buenos Aires, Argentina has 2 hours duration. At friday tonight I went from my  job direct to airport. Arriving at Buenos Aires I found a brazilian girl and we decided share the taxi. From Ezeiza Airport until center you spend around ARS 450,00, it is a little bit expensive if you compare with others latin american countries. Mainly if you arrive at BA during night I recommend to get a taxi, the route by bus is long, slow and can be dangerous as anywhere from Latin America tonight.

A good place to stay

If you enjoy party and young people, Milhouse hostel is a good option to stay. They have two hostels at BA, the both are near from the main avenue 9 de julio. We decided to stay at Milhouse from Avenida de Maio due good security and movement \o/. The both hostels offer parties for the guests, if you are hosted in anyone Milhouse, you can to participate.

First night

The most traditional pubs are located at Palermo, me and my friend solved run away this  obvious destination and to know an alternative party called America. We arrived there around 1:30 AM, the place wasn’t full yet. People usually starts arrive at 2:00 AM. Different others latin american countries, people don’t asked excuse to walk in the among crowd. The most outstanding to me was people smoking in the middle place despite banning. You are forced to breath that smoke, I think this wasn’t very polite.

Main Tourist Points

There are some points we don’t need to visit everytime you visit the same city. As it was our first time at Buenos Aires and due short time, we decided to visit the more traditional points near our hostel and after we could to visit others.

Our first stop was at Avenida 9 de julio, it is widest avenue in the world. There are Obelisco and an building with the face Evita Peron (the most known argentine woman of story). The second point was Casa Rosada headquarters of the presidency of Argentina.

Due our short time we decided get a city tour by bus, this is the best way to know a city in a tight schedule. Unfortunately the tickets were over :'(. We knew a brazilian couple for the street and the solution came quickly, we would share until the next point. The cabby offered us a private city tour for a quarter price of city tour by bus. 😀

Recoleta Cemetery

I’m passionate for cemeteries, is a place calm and quiet. You can to discovery about social condition people buried, religion, traditions an age and much more just observing the details. Recoleta Cemetery was the older one I visited.

The most romantic garden visited. At Rosedal are some activities tonight as cine and lights shows. Amazing place for couples. The place is clean and very well maintained.

Floralis Generica is a metal sculpture of Eduardo Catalano architect. Second author Floralis means Flora and Generica is a derivation of term generic, this way represents all flowers of the world.

The are so many activies at Japan Gaden, you are supposed to watch music show, theatre apresentations or just to rest and eat for there. The entrance costs less than USD 1,00.

Caminito is a perfect place to buy souvenirs, the price is cheaper than San Telmo Fair and shoppings. The streets are very colored and beautiful ^^.

La Bombonera stadium is of Clube Atlético Boca Juniors. There are a museum and you also can to buy a guide visit to come in at grass and pick up the cup liberators.

At Porto Madero there are a floating casino, museums, excellent restaurants, business buildings and a lot of luxury hotels. The “Ponte de la Mujer” is a bridge can rotates 90 degrees to allow to passage of ships. I really enjoy ports 😀

A Bad surprise tonight

Before go out to Fiesta Plop we solved go to Milhouse Hipo where had a party that night. We drink a little and changed some money (BRL for ARS). Cabbies don’t accept BRL at night, they accept only ARS or USD, they also don’t accept credit card. The route chosen by cabby was long but as we didn’t know, we don’t care.

When we arrived at party, I tried use my BRL again, but he didn’t accept. My friend used their money (he changed at Milhouse Hipo), there exists a little part ripped, the cabby tell us that he can’t accept money ripped. As I had only BRL he accepted my money and change was ARS.

When we tried to pay our tickets at party we discovered that money was false :'(. The party also didn’t accept credit card. We had some true money in our wallets. Our money was enough to pay the entrance, 2 beers and anything more.

The place was better than America even people more beautiful, there also had the same problem with people smoking in anywhere. It was fuck*¨¬g hot and people don’t ask excuse to walk. Oh gosh! The patience my friend overed, he went to Hostel, I solved stay a little bit more.

Backing to hostel I told to cabby about my false notes and ask him to wait while I could get more money in my bedroom. I offer a document or my cellphone as a guarantee while I get more money, when I back to the street: Where’s the taxi driver??? hauhauahua The cabby stolen my cellphone 😥 😥

I solved tell Metropolitan police, they can’t do anything but leave me at Tourist police station. Even telling what happend with me neither metropolitan police or tourist police help me. The tourist police just gave me other police address. That was enought for me, I just went to sleep. The money false wasn’t more than 2 USD, my biggest problem was my contacts from cellphone :'(. I was alive, this is the most important in these situations.

Last day

After a good and deserved rest after a hard night, when we wake up was raining :'(. We didn’t care 😀 we went to visit San Telmo Fair and to know the Mafalda Statue. Mafalda is one of the most known latin american characters.

Closing last night with gold key

Our first option to watch a Tango Show was Café Tortoni, unfortunately they don’t accept credit card and we didn’t have ARS anymore. Our second option was the Tango Porteño.

The best of trip was there, the show was just superb! That apresentation close our night with gold key. I higher recommend the Tango Porteño.

Bellow you can see a little bit of show. Worth the gamble in this night option! 😉


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