Expedition State Park of Jalapão :: Tocantins – Brazil

Jalapão Tocantins - Brazil
Jalapão Tocantins – Brazil

Looking further than the obvious travel destinations, I decided to explore the State Park of Jalapão. Located at Brazilian State Tocantins, the place was scenery of American Reality Show Survivor Tocantins at 2008 – CBS. In this post you going to discovery more about this exotic place. Brazil is such a big country and the most part of the people (even Brazilians) don’t know the wealth this region.

Day 1 – Arriving at Palmas (september 16)

Tocantins is the newest Brazilian State and Palmas as Capital offers the best structure to start an expedition to Jalapão Park. The main airport of the state is located at Palmas – TO. In the first day we just arrived there at night, ate something at “Praia Graciosa” and rest a little bit at hotel “Pousada Girassol”.

Day 2 – Starting trip to State Park Jalapao (september 17)

We hired a travel agency to Jalapao a few months ago . The agencies usually offers complete packages between 3 and 7 days including guide, transportation at 4-weel drive, hotels, meals and ticket for attractions. There is no pavement in the park, everything is simple, rustic but made by kind local residents. If you enjoy rally, nature and don’t care about luxe it is your place.

Cânion do Sussuapara (1st tour canceled) 😥

The guide told us this tour was canceled due a rally happen a week ago. According to him, the road was inaccessible. He only warned us at previous night. I’m not sure about truth information.

Cachoeira da Velha

Cachoeira da Velha - State Park Jalapao
Cachoeira da Velha – State Park Jalapao

After a couple hours shaking in the car for a difficult road, our first stop was at “Cachoeira da Velha” (translation could be something like waterfall old woman). The waterfall is amazing, the water have a good visibility and the falls is beautiful. Due waterfall flow we only can take a bath there at a little part of the place.

More pics at Cachoeira da Velha

Note: Unfortunately, we saw a lot of burned in the Park. It’s sad when we see a biome so fragile and rich being destroyed like that :'(. I’m not sure about origin those burned, to myself seems more criminal than accidental.


Prainha State Park Jalapao - Tocantins BR
Prainha State Park Jalapao – Tocantins BR

At second stop we could take a bath in the river. The place is like a beach as suggest by name “Prainha” (in english little beach): sand is white, water also have a good visibility and you also can see some fishes using snorkeling equipment.

Serra do Espírito Santo and Dunas 

Jalapao - Tocantins
Jalapao – Tocantins

(Translation could be Saint Spirit Mountain and Sand Dunes) The scenery is cinematic, this mountain is the main postcard from State Park Jalapão. To watch the sunset from Dunas at Jalapão is unforgetable. Unfortunately that afternoon the sky was a little cloudy but even like that it was an amazing tour to close the day.

More pics 🙂 \o/

See the video bellow of our 1st day at Jalapão.

Day 3 (september 18)

Cachoeira da Formiga

Cachoeira da Formiga - Jalapão Tocantins
Cachoeira da Formiga – Jalapão Tocantins

Another cinematic place, this waterfall is superb! I never seen a waterfall like that before. It is a perfect place to take a bath, the waterfalls usually have a cold water but “Cachoeira da Formiga” has a perfect temperature.


Spring Water - Fervedouro (State Park Jalapao)
Spring Water – Fervedouro (State Park Jalapao)

Spring water? Yes! \o/

The next stop was at “Fervedouro”. It is like local people call Spring Water, seems water is boiling, it has 30 meters deep but you never sink due the pressure.

Mutamba Community (2nd tour canceled)

According other travellers who visited Mutamba Quilombola on the same day, there wasn’t reason to cancell the tour at Community. The statement was confirmed by residents. According to our travel agency the brigde to get there was broken and is not allowed pass in the river.

Note: There wasn’t prohibition by http://naturatins.to.gov.br/

Another Fervedouro (Spring Water)

Fervedouro - Jalapao BR
Fervedouro – Jalapao BR

There another spring water at backyard the place we had lunch . Pressure was minor but the water was incredibly transparent.

3rd Fervedouro

Spring Water (fervedouro) - Jalapao Brazil
Spring Water (fervedouro) – Jalapao Brazil

To close the day, we visited one more spring water. Repeating standard: water boiling, good temperature and stunning scene.

Day 4 – Sunrise Jalapao, Another Fervedouro, landscapes – Backing to Palmas (september 19)


Sunrise Jalapao - Brazil
Sunrise Jalapao – Brazil

This tour wasn’t included at our package but we solved purchase this extra experience (BRL 70,00 per person). The difficulty of the trail is just moderate. You could easily climb between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The view worth the effort, my favorite light to photography is of the first minutes after sunrise.

The biggest Fervedouro (Fervedouro do Bela Vista)

Fervedouro Bela Vista - Jalapao
Fervedouro Bela Vista – Jalapao

It was the biggest Fervedouro we visited during expedition.

After lunch we back to Palmas, on the road we take more pics. See bellow

Serra da Catedral

Serra da Catedral - Jalapao
Serra da Catedral – Jalapao


Day 5 – City tour at Palmas by ourselves (extending trip)

We solved stay at Palmas one day more and walk around the city.

Palacio do Araguaia (Araguaia Palace) and Museum Coluna Prestes

Araguaia Palace is the Tocantins Government Headquarters. We know more about the city’s history and walk around the square.

Public Market

You are supposed eat local meals and find spice. This Market open at 05 PM and works at tuesdays and thurdays.

Price to play R$ (BRL)

We hired a Travel Agency from São Paulo – BR. The package has included:

– Transfer Palmas Airport / Hotel / Palmas Airport;
– 2 nights at Palmas (only breakfast included);
– 2 nights at Palmas (full board);
– Lunch at São Felix;
– Transport at 4-weel drive (air conditioning);
– Guide during travel;
– Visitation rates at attractions;
– Travel insurance.

We solved invite some friends and agency reduce the price to BRL 2288,00 per people at double room (not including flight tickets)

Thinking about prices and dividing by 3 days of tours it cost: BRL 762,66 per day and dividing by 4 nights at Tocantins it cost: BRL 572,66 per day. I didn’t include the price of flight tickets in the total cause it depends of your city origin.

Review about Agency:

Transportation, meals and accomodations were as expected. We got a good car (SW4 four-weels drive) and a good driver called Francisco, meals was simple but delicious. Our travel agent from SP always replied as fast as possible our questions. As I wrote the only concern before indicate is about tours canceled.  We just knew about these “details” at previews day at Palmas and Mateiros.  There are other agencies at Tocantins, I have no opinion about them cause I didn’t tried their services.  If you have some questions will be a pleasure help you 😉.

PS:  As a backpacker I know about possibility unexpected situations change itinerary trips. If a tour could not be realized I expected to be informed as soon as possible (never at day tour or previews day) except in the case of hurricanes or something like that when we don’t have media.


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