When was the last time you did something for the first time?

simple stuffs Write about the values we give to things may appear an obvious reflexion, anyway I going to share my feelings about this theme. Continue reading


Beyond Arroyo Chuy – Uruguay



The more known border of South Brazil is the Arroyo Chuy. Beyond this border stays Uruguay, a small country but a rich place as cultural as business.

The country is more visited at spring and summer when temperature is warmer. Their main visitors are Continue reading

About my home town – part II (when internet and signal of mobile phone arrived)

Euclides Silveira Tolentino Square

Telephone booth on Euclides Silveira Tolentino Square

Since 1999 Santa Helena de Minas have landline. For who had not it at home, on the city already existed telephone booth, more known on Brazil how “orelhão”.

Five years ago this year that mobile phone signal arrived at Santa Helena de Minas. In 2008 to first time a lot of people from Santa Helena de Minas had acess Continue reading

About my hometown

Santa Helena de Minas - MG

Panoramic view from Santa Helena de Minas

I was born in a little city from state of Minas Gerais – BR.  If we also join the people that lives on the farm with who lives on the urban area, today it have around 6 thousand people. Santa Helena stays 682 KM from capital of state.

Was here this place that I lived the most part of my life. Continue reading