Why aquariums and zoos?

wildlife jailed
wildlife jailed photo by Romain Bochet

All around the world exists innumerable zoos and aquariums with wild animals only to entertaiment of people. Unfortunately the most part these animals are suffering caged and far of their natural habitat. Is not rare to find stories about these poor lives forced to live human harassment.

Some these animals came from Continue reading “Why aquariums and zoos?”


Josadoc – A documentary made in Peru

Documentary Peru
Documentary Peru

I had some content in my memory card, so I resolved compile and create a little video as documentary, containing some situations encountered in my last trip. This is not a educational video, just displaying a little what happend with me, discovering Peru, their people, story and problems found during my trip.

On way I found some dificulties as the day I didn’t find my transfer :'(, when my agency forgot me again at Puno, a lost flight, hailstorm, a credicard lost (…) Continue reading “Josadoc – A documentary made in Peru”

A short, but simply an amazing trip – gluglu project

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Peru – South America (more a dream realized)

Would be more a short trip, but was an amazing experience. Last week I wrote about feelings when we does something for the first time. This time I had an amazing experience to share here again. The last time I feel this has been around 5 months ago when I jumped parachute. I don’t know how I can explain using simple words, in english is harder to me, anyway I going to try. Continue reading “A short, but simply an amazing trip – gluglu project”

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

simple stuffs Write about the values we give to things may appear an obvious reflexion, anyway I going to share my feelings about this theme. Continue reading “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

Beyond Arroyo Chuy – Uruguay


The more known border of South Brazil is the Arroyo Chuy. Beyond this border stays Uruguay, a small country but a rich place as cultural as business.

The country is more visited at spring and summer when temperature is warmer. Their main visitors are Continue reading “Beyond Arroyo Chuy – Uruguay”

Who never dreamt about flying?

jump asl
ASL jump at Aeroclube de Novo Hamburgo

Suddenly I was flying on the sky. One more time I had privilege to live an unbelievable experience. Yes! I jumped parachute.

It’s hard describe what is a parachute jump, you  feel Continue reading “Who never dreamt about flying?”

A paradise called San Andres

San Andres Island - Map
San Andres Island – Map

San Andres Island – July 2013

After years without vacations,  I finally traveled for 7 days this year.  I was confused to choose someplace to go. I solved run away from obvious destinations and chose go to San Andres Island – Colombia.

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